ICT-Based Science Learning Management in Improving Student Learning Quality

  • Catur Galuh Ratnagung, Iim Wasliman, Waska Warta, Agus Mulyanto


This research addresses the challenge of students struggling to comprehend science lessons. The overarching goal is to assess and understand the management of ICT-based science learning with the aim of enhancing student learning quality. Specific objectives include examining the planning, organization, implementation, supervision, inhibiting factors, solutions, and impact of ICT-based science learning on student learning quality. Findings reveal that planning involves curriculum, syllabus, and lesson plan development at the beginning of each school year. Organization encompasses class, student, infrastructure, and personnel management. Implementation aligns with learning objectives, demonstrated through planned activities such as introductions, core content, and conclusions. Supervision covers objectives, principles, benefits, aspects, and techniques. Challenges include limited supporting infrastructure hindering student familiarity, insufficient knowledge among human resources regarding ICT, student unfamiliarity with ICT applications during implementation, and inadequate technology access during supervision. Solutions include infrastructure improvements, enhanced teacher guidance for ICT use, optimal infrastructure support during implementation, and maximizing technology use in supervision. The impact is a more enjoyable and effective science learning experience, leading to improved student learning quality. In conclusion, ICT-based science learning management in superior classes is not entirely optimal due to human resource limitations and a lack of understanding and implementation of ICT-based science learning.

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