The E-Learning Process of Advancement in Cloud Computing Virtual Processing

  • Bodireddy Poornima, S. Raj Anand,


As an aid in the teaching-learning process, online communications systems are used to facilitate e-learning, a form of virtualized computing and distant learning. The rise of E-learning platforms emerged drastically in the past two years. Data mining for education information processing uses facts generated from internet databases to enhance the educational learning paradigm for educational purposes when the learning process is computerized. Cloud computing is a suitable platform for supporting e-learning solutions. It can be automatically altered by providing a scalable solution for transforming computer resource consumption in the long run. It also makes things simpler to use data mining techniques in a distributed environment when interacting with massive e-learning datasets. A summary of the current state of cloud computing is provided in the study and examples of infrastructure explicitly designed for such a system. In addition, it also discusses examples of cloud computing and e-learning methodologies.

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