Synthesis Methods Dependent Property of RE Doped Ca-Ferrites

  • Jay Singh Sagar, A. P. Bhat, K. G. Rewatkar, D. K. Sahu


As new technologies emerged, the need for new magnetic materials prompted researchers to investigate hexagonal ferrites, which have several potentials as magnetic materials. Both commercial and technological applications depend on ferrites. Basic qualities such as strong electrical resistance and chemical stability are at the heart of their uses. The unique and thought-provoking features of nanoscale materials have been discovered. Nanoparticles, on the other hand, may have their qualities improved by modifying them with diverse structures through various synthesis processes and replacements. Magnetic recording, data storage, ferrofluids, and medicine administration are among the most frequently used applications. synthesis processes were used to successfully manufacture aluminum substituted calcium hexaferrite nanoparticles in the current study. The structural parameter is studied along with grain size, lattice parameters, and volume are all determined. Even though the substance is the same, the synthesis procedure results in differing structural features. The two approaches produce particles that vary in size and form.

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