Organig Farming and Agriculture Challenges and Strategies

Keywords: Organic farming, Agriculture, Strategies, Performance


There is a developing significance on health benefits as people are getting cognizant about the food themselves their relatives and family members. Thus, there is a degree for organic farming developed products. Prior people used to expend quality local vegetables, heartbeats and organic products. This brought about a life span and solid way of life. This paper provides an overview of organic farming benefits and challenges and its present scenario in India. Agriculture is one among the most important financial sectors and it performs a critical function within the basic socio-monetary progress of India. Recently it's miles opined by the scientists that, our farming gadget should check out present day agriculture and advocate that farming machine which can be ecologically, biologically and socio- economically sound and also structured upon their crop manufacturing. At its foundation, the farming gadget concept takes care of maximum critical components like water, soil, plants, farm animals, labour and so forth. Agriculture is performed specially through two styles of farming systems particularly inorganic farming gadget and organic farming device characterized via different sorts of inputs and agricultural management practices used for cultivation of land and production of crop

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