Performance Analysis of Multi-cell Multi-user 5G mm-Wave MIMO Systems

  • Naresh Purohit, Namit Gupta
Keywords: 5G; channel estimation; imperfect channel state information (CSI); millimeter wave (mm-Wave); singular value decomposition (SVD).


This paper considers multi-cell multi-user large array system in the millimeter wave (mm-Wave) band. Pilot contamination is a significant performance constraint in traditional multi-cell multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) networks. The reuse of pilot symbols between cells is expected to have an impact on channel estimation performance. The problem of high detection complexity in large MIMO systems is addressed in this work by proposing a low-complexity method for effective channel estimation. Hence, this paper presented a semi-blind channel estimation based on singular value decomposition (SVD). Performance analysis and numerical experiments show that the presented approach can substantially lower deviation, improve mean squared error (MSE) performance, minimize the effects of pilot contamination, and provide correct channel state information (CSI) with low overhead

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