Study on Marketing Channel Model Based on Big Data Analysis

  • Lei Pan


To solve the problem of insufficient ability of the marketing channel modelselection, an optimal control model of marketing channel is established, and also anapproach of marketing channel selectionon the basis of big data analysis is put forward in the paper. The Big data analysis methods makes it possible to mine hidden statistical information, and the grid region block clustering method is combined for the characteristics fusion, and then the distribution resource scheduling model of marketing channel model is built. The multi-dimensional scale decomposition method is used to implementthe adaptive optimal selection control of marketing channel model. At the same time, big data mining and associated feature detection of marketing channel models are implemented.The accurate prediction and evaluation of marketing channel model are tested by using Lyapunov index prediction method. The experiment results show that the adaptive performance and control convergence of this method for the selection and control of marketing channel models are better and the ability of big data information fusion and clustering analysis of marketing channel model and the profitability of marketing channel are improved.

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Lei Pan. (2020). Study on Marketing Channel Model Based on Big Data Analysis. Design Engineering, 581 - 590.