Sensor Based Home Automation and Security System

  • Dr. Gajanan P. Dhok


This paper is mainly concerned with the automatic control of light or any other home appliances using internet. Sensors are connected to the microcontroller board. The home appliances can be monitored, controlled, and accessed automatically in response to any signals came from related sensors or by the system user. The architecture of the proposed system and processes flow charts have been developed.The main object of this project is to design and implement home use portable smart electronics, including the portable monitoring device for home and office security.The user here can interact directly with the system over the Internet, while home appliances like air conditioners, lights, door locks and gates are remotely controlled through a user-friendly web page. An additional feature that enhances the security aspect of the system is its capability of monitoring entry points such as doors and windows so that in the event any breach, an alerting message is sent to the home owner instantly.

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