A study on investor’s preference towards “portfolio management services”

  • BEENA, Mamatha S, Anil Kumar K C
Keywords: Portfolio management, Capital market, Stock market.


In the current economic situation, there is a fluctuation in the share market, which has leaded the investors towards the confusion state. Any individual or the investors will face very difficulties while taking decision in regard to investment. As everyone knows that investment is too risky in nature. So, in order to expect a good return, the investors have to consider various factors before investing in investment avenues.The factors which should be consider before investing are, risk, return, safety, volatility of shares, and liquidity. The main objective of the study is to analyse and interpret the investor’s preferences towards the portfolio management services in stock market.The study will guide the new investors who want to invest in different sectors in order to minimize the risk elements and to maximize their returns on investment.

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