Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India, Accounting and Practices

  • Shalu Chahal, Dr. Anil kumar, Dr. Shanjay Kumar Saini
Keywords: social responsibility, Accountant, Accountability, Global, Voluntarism.


Accountants have a pivotal function to play withinside the debate over Commercial Social Responsibility (CSR). While it has historically been the duty of profitable accountants for the discharge of accountants, for decades now, counting experts were at the commanding edge of social and environmental account studies and wondering and, lesser lately, croakers, expert institutions and others have taken a hobbyhorse withinside the subject. This tragedy shows that the hobby of CSR writers is far broader than the actual issue for public finances. Some authors have the concept of searching on the oils of pens that are beneficial in dealing with blessings around the world. The sphere focuses on reviewing revised strategies that educate social and environmental issues. It also presents the overall range of exploration carried out on the overall range of analogous reviews and narrators' views on CSR and general stability. Finally, it describes the involvement of the account holder in accepting and performing the function of the social and environmental organization.

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Dr. Shanjay Kumar Saini, S. C. D. A. kumar,. (2021). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India, Accounting and Practices. Design Engineering, 2584-2587.