To Study about the Security Architecture for Cloud Computing

  • Mirza Mudassir Ali Baig, Dr. Dhanraj Verma


Cloud computing transforms the way IT is accessed and managed, promisingly improved costs, increased creativity, quicker time-to-market and the potential to scale on demand applications. Gartner said that whilst the excitement increased during 2008 and proceeded to grow exponentially, it is evident that the cloud computing paradigm has undergone a significant change and that the advantages may be significant. Nevertheless, since both conceptually and in fact the shape of cloud infrastructure is evolving rapidly, legal/contractual, fiscal, quality of operation, interoperability, protection and privacy concerns remain major challenges. This chapter describes different cloud infrastructure services and implementation frameworks and identifies key problems. There are three main problems that we address in particular: compliance concerns, protection issues and cloud privacy issues. A brief overview of the future trends of cloud implementation is also recommended to alleviate these problems.

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