Smart Buildings and Sustainability in Egypt Concept Development and Methodology

  • M. S. Kamal Eldin, Sh. H. Ibrahim


The Smart systems with its environmental, social and economic potentials act as input for smart buildings, which represents an input to rooting sustainability. The Research deals with Smart systems taking Egypt as a research area scope. Where it noticed that attributes and features of Smart buildings (Smart systems perspective) are in weakness and severe decay in construction system in general.Therefore, the research aims to develop a Methodology for the demarcation of the attributes and features of smart buildings from a smart systems perspective.  The use of intelligent building technology contributed significantly to a higher sustainability ranking on the LEED rating scale, according to the case study's report. The theoretical part relies on the inductive approach as a basis, in order to crystallize the required concept, and then develop the proposed approach; the applied part also depends on the descriptive approach, the scientific observation, and the field survey. And the application of the proposed approach and the use of analysis and deduction in order to support the use of the concepts of intelligence in buildings as an entry point to rooting sustainability in Egypt.

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