Inheritance of National Music Culture and School Music Education Based on Demand Orientation

  • Peihui Xu
Keywords: Folk music, Cultural resonance, Cultural heritage, Music education


The inheritance of national music culture in school education has become a common concern in the field of music education in recent years. However, this type of research is still rare in traditional provinces with rich folk music culture. Therefore, this paper selects the representative traditional music culture of Fujian Province. Starting from the research on the teaching situation of general music education, this paper selects the data of national music teaching of ten universities in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, and tries to find and summarize the experience and problems of national music teaching. Based on this, from the perspective of educational anthropology, this paper discusses the cultural inheritance function of school music education, the relationship between multi culture and local music culture, and the relationship between school music education and social culture. On the basis of practice and theory, this paper puts forward feasible suggestions for the inheritance of local music culture in school education. The experimental research shows that the conclusion of this paper has a certain reference value for the research on the inheritance of national music culture and school music education based on demand orientation.
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