Research on Adaptive Learning Path Recommendation Algorithm Based on Context Awareness

  • Rongqing Zhuo, Shenyang Wang
Keywords: Learning path, Situational awareness, Mobile learning, Individual needs


The rapid integration of computer technology, network technology, information and communication technology and sensing technology has promoted the rapid development of mobile Internet, Internet of Things and intelligent mobile terminals, and provided technical support and guarantee for promoting the popularization of educational informationization and building a lifelong learning platform. Mobile learning has become one of the main learning methods in e-learning space. However, the improvement of mobile learning effect is faced with the adaptive challenge of spatial learning in complex mobile environment. Information overload leads learners to find no suitable learning resources, and the recommended learning resources can not meet the individual needs of learners. Recommendation system is an important means of information filtering and a very potential method to solve the problem of information overload. In this paper, the learning path recommendation algorithms are summarized, and the advantages and applicable scopes of various algorithms are compared. At the same time, combined with the developed learning path recommendation system, the factors and application strategies of the algorithm in learning path recommendation based on context awareness are summarized.

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