The Effect of Rubber Addition on Soil Mechanical Characteristics of Dam Sedimentation Soil

  • Dwianto, Tri Harianto, Ardy Arsyad
Keywords: sediment soil; rubber fiber; mechanical characteristics


The sedimented soil from the abundant sedimentation of a Dam has poor geotechnical characteristics. It takes an additional efforts to excange its charecteristics. One of the efforts that can be conducted is by adding the admixture material such as rubber fibers obtained form shreded tyre industry. The purpose of this research was to examine the effect of rubber fibers addition on the mechanical characteristics of sediment soil. The material used in this study was the sedimentation soil of the Bilibili Dam at Gowa South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The fiber material taken from the residual of rubber shredded of vehicle tires. Variations in the composition of rubber fiber addition in this study were sequentially by 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% to the total dry weight of the soil. The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) treated soil was tested by using a compressive. The shear strength was tested by using the direct shear test method. The desiccation crack test was also conducted in this research. The results showed that there was an increased of treated soil UCS 7.0% - 27.08% with 2% - 4% shredded rubber fiber. However, it decreased -12.1% in addition to the 5% addition of rubber fiber. As for the variable shear strength value, the internal shear angle value is obtained increases from 30.69o to 42.06o, but there is a decrease in the cohesion value from 69.07 kN / m2 to 53.84 kN/m2.

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