Local Community Solid Waste Management Models in Jayapura City, Papua

  • Sapari, Mary Selintung, Irwan Ridwan Rahim, Asiyanthi T. Lando


Jayapura City is one of the big cities and the capital of Papua Province. As in most developing cities, quite a lot of activities are carried out without taking into account the environmental balance, such as the physical conditions of the soil, water, air, flora and fauna conservation, as well as the socio-economic conditions of the surrounding community. One of the most prominent impacts of the development of dumping and requires attention is the problem of waste. This study aims to analyze the composition and generation of waste based on ethnic clusters (indigenous Papuans, migrants and mixed communities) and to analyze the design of solid waste management strategies based on local wisdom in Jayapura City. This research begins by conducting a preliminary survey to get a clearer picture of the study area being studied. During the survey process, a field study was carried out on the background of the research, discussing with various stakeholders ranging from the community, traditional institutions, tribal leaders and the government. The research includes identification of types of waste, handling of waste carried out by the Jayapura City Government, and studies of waste management in accordance with the conditions of the people of Jayapura City. The results showed that the traditional/local community-based solid waste management model in Jayapura City was strongly influenced by community participation and empowerment, waste classification and community institutions. In waste management, the Jayapura City Government involves the Port Numbay Local Community institution in preparing a waste management plan in relation to planning, program preparation, implementation and operation through continuous socialization to provide understanding for independent and integrated waste management in the community.

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