Power Quality Enhancement in a Stand-Alone WECS Fed Nonlinear Load through UPQC

  • S. Chinmai, Dr. P. Sridhar, Mr. P. Shiva Kumar


The interest of individuals on the creation of climate well disposed perfect and sustainable power has expanded to a ton in this decade, and henceforth, increasingly more wind and sun oriented energies were tapped and provided to electrical framework. With the variable idea of these energies and with the interconnecting power electronic segments, when associated with the framework, there are issues identified with the force quality. Because of nonlinearity present in the heap, its effect is more on the source side of any converter. That effect might be on the force quality issues like friendship of voltage and current waveforms, complete Total Harmonic Distortions (THD) and all out request contortion. These sorts of issues can be settled by the use of different force quality improvement gadgets like DSTATCOM and UPQC. The unit vector layout control calculation incorporates a Phase locked loop (PLL) instrument that is answerable for staying away from different zero intersections during profoundly misshaped framework voltage location. A unit vector format control with a PLL based control calculation is applied to the shunt and arrangement inverters of wind framework associated UPQC. The endeavor is made to upgrade the force nature of the independent Wind energy conversion system (WECS) provided to nonlinear burden. In this article, it's anything but an approach which improves the force nature of the framework which contains a nonlinear burden took care of by WECS. The paper presents different recreation results. It likewise gives the correlation with the past procedures. It shows the better improvement in power nature of the framework.

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S. Chinmai, Dr. P. Sridhar, Mr. P. Shiva Kumar. (2022). Power Quality Enhancement in a Stand-Alone WECS Fed Nonlinear Load through UPQC. Design Engineering, (1), 3234 - 3246. Retrieved from http://www.thedesignengineering.com/index.php/DE/article/view/9412