Settlement of Disputes of Termination by Companies in Indonesia from Law Perspective

  • Yusmedi Yusuf, MellaIsmelina Farma Rahayu, Amad Sudiro


The paper is a conversation about legal protection for victims of unilateral termination of Employment in Indonesia. With the increasing prevalence of news regarding unilateral termination of Employment, we think this study is fascinating to be discussed. For this reason, we have collected many documents related to the law on protecting workers' rights, which are viewed from the perspective of the law of governance and Employment in Indonesia. The sources of these documents or literature are publications in books, magazines, and newspapers, and the main ones are publications journals both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, we examine the document sharply under a phenomenological approach, namely an effort to find an understanding from some data about something phenomenal. The natural process involves sharp data analysis, data synthesis, data coding, and in-depth interpretation to find data that we believe are relevant to answering the problems of this study by adhering to the principles of validity and reliability of the data findings. Finally, based on the data we have reviewed and in-depth discussion, we can understand that the law on legal protection for unilateral termination of Employment can refer to article 153 of the job copyright law, which states how employers are prohibited from doing unilateral termination of Employment. It is hoped that these findings will be helpful in similar studies in the future.

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