Impact of Online Learning on Educational Aspects of Students

  • Dr. Keshlata, Dr. Zulfiqar Ullah Siddiqui


The popularity of online education is growing as technology progresses and user experience improves. Students can learn whenever it is convenient for them via online learning. This enables kids and their parents to strike a balance between their studies and their personal lives. When compared to traditional schooling, it has been demonstrated to be a beneficial technique of learning and offers a variety of advantages. It has some advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Understanding the benefits of online learning is critical because it can assist you in making significant educational decisions for yourself or your child. The findings of the study revealed that children have more freedom to work at their own pace with online learning, which improves their learning experience and helps them to create a better understanding with their teacher. This is also crucial for the teacher because it allows them to organize their classes to meet each child's unique learning needs.In this discourse, present study addresses the impact of online learning on educational aspects of students.

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