Protection of Solid State Transformers in Charging of Electric Vehicles

  • Dinakar Yeddu, Dr. B. Loveswara Rao


Due to the increasing integration of renewable energies into the distribution grid, a deterioration of the grid power quality is expected. One of the constraints to further DC distribution system development is the lack of practical fast DC circuit breaker. One of the major contributions of industrial technology is the invention of automobiles with heat engines. Automobiles in vast numbers are posing severe problems for society and humanity. The adverse consequences include a reduction in petroleum supplies, a reduction in air quality, and a significant increase in global warming. Electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell-based drive train systems have long been regarded as the most exciting possible alternatives to the issue of land transportation. The development of solid state transformers (SST's) is based on Silicon carbide devices that are able to block higher voltages, switch faster than silicon (si) power devices. The Grid is stressed by electric vehicle charging systems and renewable generation causing voltage variations and SST's are the solution. In this paper, DC breaker protection is discussed  for  various types of  solid state transformer based charging  of  electric vehicles.

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