Design of Tuned Mass Damper Used to Enhance the Response of Structure under Seismic Action

  • Fouad Y. Alhamashi, Waleed K. Al-Ashtrai


Today there is a real desire to build skyscrapers in ‎economical cities. Where they are considered the ‎weakest if they are exposed to an earthquake ‎due to their height, lightweight, flexibility, and low damping ‎resistance. Therefore, many studies and techniques ‎presented to control vibration dangers. The newer technique to enhance ‎vibration responses of ‎structures is the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). ‎In this study, a two-story building was designed and analyzed, with Tuned Mass placed on the upper floor and friction damping between movable hose clamp ball bearings and a fixed shaft. The Friction Tuned Mass Damper is formed by combining this bearing and bearing shaft system with the Tuned Mass Damper (FTMD). The coefficient of friction and equivalent viscous damping ratio of the proposed FTMD coil were experimentally obtained based on different states of the tuned mass. To explore the potential of the proposed FTMD to suppress vibrations on a two-degree-of-freedom structure exposed to the step input, numerical modeling and simulation were done using matlbe. In addition, to verify the simulation results, a parallel experimental validation of FTMD was performed. The proposed FTMD device was able to significantly enhance the damping ratio of the core structure, according to the results of both experiments and simulations. The selected steel slide shaft had a near-perfect damping coefficient, the proposed FTMD may significantly reduce the amplitude of the structural resonant peak over the studied excitation frequency domain.

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Fouad Y. Alhamashi, Waleed K. Al-Ashtrai. (2022). Design of Tuned Mass Damper Used to Enhance the Response of Structure under Seismic Action. Design Engineering, (1), 01 - 18.