Hill climbed Salp Swarm Algorithm for Generation Scheduling Problem

  • Veenus Kansal, J.S. Dhillon
Keywords: Exploration, Generation scheduling, Salp swarm algorithm, Hill climbing, Exploitation, Constraint handling.


This paper presents a new technique to solve generation scheduling (GeSc) problem which is named as hill climbed salp swarm algorithm (HC-SSA). Basically, salp swarm algorithm (SSA) is hybridized with hill climbing technique. The functioning of SSA is based on swarming behavior of salps. They move by forming multi-dimensional chain for the food which is considered as global solution. Sometimes premature convergence happens. Therefore, the need of hybridization is required and is done with hill climbing method. The variable elimination method is used to handle the constraints of generating units. The authentication of the proposed HC-SSA has been observed on the two electric test systems. The statistical analysis has been also performed to support the results of the algorithm and found better than the other algorithms in literature.

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