Seismic study of elevated water tank with different staging pattern

  • Mr. Diwakar yadav, Mr. Vinayak Mishra
Keywords: Intze tank, Staging, Response spectrum, Earthquake, SAP2000


In this study, we use a frame style of staging system to conduct seismic analysis and evaluate the performance of an elevated Intze tank. An elevated Intze type water tank with different staging system is created in this paper, and a comparative analysis is performed using software SAP 2000 v21, for both empty and full container conditions. Base shear, base moment, and story displacement are computed using various kinds of bracing in different zones. The structure is subjected to response spectrum analysis in different seismic zones. The empty and full conditions of the Intze water tank are compared in terms of, base moment, base shear, story displacement, and nodal displacements in the X, Y, and Z directions. The goal of this paper, is to discover a suitable pattern of bracing system that changes with the severity of seismic zones, and also propose which type of bracings are appropriate for those seismic zones.

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