A Hybrid Video Based IoT Framework for Military Surveillance

  • Vijay Ukani, Priyank Thakkar


Traditional border surveillance technologies like surveillance tower maynot always be feasible in hostile military area. Internet of Things (IoT)and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has demonstrated great promisein serving applications like traffic monitoring, industrial process control,health care, surveillance etc. Using only scalar sensors suffers from highfalse alarm rate and failure to detect stealth intrusion movement. A hybrid system involving camera nodes increases the capture efficiency andreduces false alarm rate. Using camera nodes comes with additional challenges like high bandwidth demand and energy consumption. Continuouscapture and transmission of video streams can be highly energy consumingtask, given the resource constrained nature of battery operated nodes. Inmost applications like military patrolling, system should report the eventonly if a intrusion is detected. A framework to cater to needs of military area monitoring is proposed in the paper. The framework discussesthe system framework, protocol structure and suggested communicationprotocols

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