Design and Implementation of Teaching Educational Measurement Based on Algorithm Pattern

  • Liu YunJia, Hou YaLi, Yun Zhe
Keywords: Data mining technology, Ideology education in universities, Evaluation system


The high integration of education and information technology is becoming a new trend of education development in all countries of the world. The networking of ideology education is an inevitable requirement for the development of military political work. Teaching quality is an important factor in the development of schools. Establishing a systematic educational measurement of teaching quality is an effective mechanism for self-monitoring and self-regulation of teaching quality in universities. Data mining is a process of extracting potentially useful information and knowledge hidden in a large number of incomplete, noisy, fuzzy and random data, which people do not know in advance. It is an effective means of knowledge discovery. The application of data mining in education management system is still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, studying the application of data mining technology in education management system has important theoretical significance and practical application value. This article is based on the ideology education of universities with data mining technology, using data mining technology to automatically analyze and mine a large amount of evaluation data, focusing on the application of association rule mining and cluster analysis algorithms in the teaching quality educational measurement.

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